Bahamas, Afie Jurvanen, performing concert in Vancouver

Time Traveling at Concerts

Let’s talk about Bahamas. Not the escape to a warm tropical island, but rather the serene musical creations of Afie Jurvanen. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, do your ears a favour and look him up immediately. A fellow Torontonian, Afie has been creating sweet, sweet masterpieces under the pseudonym Bahamas since the 2000s, and released his first official album, Pink Strat, in 2008. I discovered him after the release of his second album, Barchords, in which my heart was instantaneously stolen.

Bahamas from Mulligan Stew
(Sourced from BlogTO)

Listening to his music is the equivalent to floating in a cool river face up while the sun beams down and warms your skin. He makes you feel every emotion known to humankind and is ideal for when you’re feeling sad, and want to wallow even farther. Above all, he and his band are stupidly talented. Up until last week, when I got the chance to see him for the second time, I hadn’t realized how much I had relied on his music for different milestones and phases of my life.

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