Canadian music awards hosted in London, Ontario. Hosted by Sarah McLachlan.

Why Canada has never nailed The Junos

Disclaimer: This is completely based on my opinion and by no way discredits the immense effort and organization that goes into The Junos.

After watching the 2019 Junos last night, I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed – again. When I asked my friend if she had watched, she quickly replied with a no, and was curious if there were any good moments she should bother Youtubing. I honestly had nothing dazzling to report other than a couple of our favourite bands scoring some awards…

I LOVE Canadian music. I think our country produces some of the most honest and creative songwriters there are, and there’s an overwhelming sense of pride when you see a Canadian artist make it big internationally.

But when it comes to celebrating these artists, we struggle. The Junos are like The Grammys’ little cousin, once removed. The Grammys are a spectacle, a gala, a VIP event. The Junos are consistently disenchanting and lacks that “wow” factor.

(Sarah McLachlan is literally talking about how she is a nice and happy person in her introduction monologue. Little stab at our neighbours down south though! *Feisty*)

This is by no means due to the musicians, presenters, sponsors, venue, or the incredible team behind the event. I think it has to do more with who Canada is, and something we’ve always struggled with.

Our identity.

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